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what is

our purpose?

To partner with health care, pharmaceutical, and life sciences organizations through our quality service, innovative products, and robust solutions that meet their education and engagement goals for customers. We do this by combining our health care experience, medical understanding and digital expertise.

what is

our social responsibility?

We are a socially responsible organization that values diversity, equal opportunity, and contribution to society.

Our team is our greatest strength, and we believe this comes from having a diversity of opinions, backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders.

We encourage our employees to give back to the society by contributing to local charity organizations that support a variety of causes.



What makes us who we are?

Our DNA is our biggest differentiator: Just like the greatest blueprint known to mankind, it comprises 4 key elements – GCTA viz. Goal-setting, Content, Technology and Analytics.

Every solution we build and every service we provide harnesses this DNA, thus making us uniquely consistent in our approach of delivering outputs that meet goals you set out to achieve.


Joseph Duz


By founding and building a company dedicated to serving the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech education, medical, and marketing departments, Joe has ensured CTC Communications stayed ahead of industry trends. The programs the company creates not only meet health care professionals’ (HCPs’) expectations and learning needs, but also are designed to meet the evolving industry regulations.

This vision of building a health care–focussed solutions provider took roots in 1996, when he founded CTC Communications along with his then business partner Mike Farley. His passion and commitment toward delivering high-quality, on-time solutions and services in medical education and communication won the organization many clients, a host of which continue to see CTC as a partner today. This rapid growth saw the organization making strides in geographies beyond North America, with a consequent increase in team size in both full-time and contract employees.

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we are all about our people

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds: medical research, project management, marketing and strategy, digital and technology.
We do three things in order to innovate, while staying in tune with our clients’ needs:


Exchange ideas and information

We convene meetings with clients and the internal team frequently to drive this effort in a structured manner.


Stay abreast of market developments

Through a conscious effort on understanding clients’ goals, participation in industry conferences, and reading (and exchanging) reports and articles.


Challenge ourselves

Given our diverse group of employees, there is no dearth of ideas. Every idea is challenged, evaluated, and the ones that resonate with clients are nurtured and invested in.

we’re always looking out for new talent


Medical education


Creating thought-provoking publications and continuing medical education (CME) programs is what CTC was founded upon. We thrive on the creation of engaging, interactive CME programs delivered through a variety of channels: in-person, on demand, live-virtual.

  • OLA
  • Train the trainers
  • Environmental scan
  • Needs assessments
digital solutions
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Spotlight
  • RxWise
  • MedBoard
  • Virtual Congress/Symposia
  • Learning Hub
  • Vivomap

Stakeholder engagement


The health care ecosystem is a fabric of interplay between a variety of stakeholders – health care professionals (HCPs) such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and physician assistants; and patients, their families, and caregivers.

  • Speaker Tours and Symposia
  • Speaker Training Meetings
  • Advisory Board Meetings
  • Steering Committees
digital solutions
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Websites and Mobile Apps
  • Online HCP Portals
  • Virtual Meetings
  • LaunchBoard
  • ActBoard

Medical affairs


We understand the strategic importance of Medical Affairs in serving as the bridge between industry and the larger medical community. The ability to proactively and consistently engage key opinion leaders, health care professionals, and other stakeholders through timely and meaningful clinical knowledge provides for a key competitive advantage.

  • Utilization through Marketing
  • Dissemination strategy
  • Publication planning
  • Data analysis
  • Data collection
  • Consensus Meetings
  • RWE strategy and design
digital solutions
  • RWE Analytics platform
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Investigator Hub

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