how can we help you?


We start a project by asking key questions such as:

  1. What objective does it serve?
  2. What is in it for the key stakeholders?
  3. How does it relate to your long-term strategy?
  4. How is it being viewed and evaluated internally?

Our 25-year experience in the Canadian health care space does enable us to use these lenses to crystallize goals that serve as a foundation for everything we do together.


Our content creation process serves the goals defined for a project. From advisory board meetings to pharmacist education programs, our team of medical writers build content that is accurate, credible, and impactful. We bring together an expertise in working with a myriad of customer groups (community health care professionals to key opinion leaders), the best practices in project management, and a deep understanding of medical knowledge across 24 therapeutic areas.



We help you navigate through the vast, ever-changing ocean of technology. Our digital technology capabilities, honed over a decade, aim to deliver maximum impact while ensuring simplicity for the end users.

We view digital technology to be connected deeply with your goals, yet fluid enough to grow in reach and impact over time. Thus far, we have rolled out over 200 digital programs across 24 therapeutic areas, with the ability to quickly ramp up to a reach of 10,000 health care professionals.


We capture program uptake and engagement through a host of process and outcome key performance indicators. While the process metrics deal with aspects such as recruitment, registration, participation, etc, outcome evaluation involves program impact, satisfaction, budget vs spend, etc. Utilizing this approach, we have been able to provide real-time guidance to clients on aspects such as recruitment and engagement strategy and return on investment (ROI) on spend. We even support our clients to define business plans that include elements such as scalability, potential revenue impact, and estimated spend.

what makes us who we are?

We are flexible, malleable, when it comes to being innovative, and steellike when it comes to forging ideas into structured, executable programs.

what differentiates us from the others?

We are your big and small partner—big in ideas and execution, yet small enough to become your extended team.

With us, no brainstorming is mundane. And, we are always up for a conversation over coffee.

what are our key capabilities?

We bring together strategy, technology, medical expertise, project management, and analytics to conceptualize and deliver impactful programs across medical education, stakeholder engagement, and medical affairs.