Joseph Duz

By founding and building a company dedicated to serving the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech education, medical, and marketing departments, Joe has ensured CTC Communications stayed ahead of industry trends. The programs the company creates not only meet health care professionals’ (HCPs’) expectations and learning needs, but also are designed to meet the evolving industry regulations.


This vision of building a health care–focussed solutions provider took roots in 1996, when he founded CTC Communications along with his then business partner Mike Farley. His passion and commitment toward delivering high-quality, on-time solutions and services in medical education and communication won the organization many clients, a host of which continue to see CTC as a partner today. This rapid growth saw the organization making strides in geographies beyond North America, with a consequent increase in team size in both full-time and contract employees.
As technology began to play a more significant role in the delivery of health care content to HCPs, Joe tapped into this boom in the utilization of technology in the first decade of the 2000s by founding Zulimar, a company focussed on providing digital solutions to address health care issues.
CTC Communications and Zulimar merged in 2021 to bring together an unparalleled experience in health care and a razor-sharp expertise in digital technology. This merger officially brings together the creators of content (CTC) with the developers of software (Zulimar). Approximately fifty percent of CTC projects include an IT element.

In addition to leading the organization, Joe enjoys facilitating HCP advisory boards and content-building committee meetings to capture, present, and utilise the collective wisdom of the attendees.
He continues to share his experience among numerous audiences on the topic of creating and sustaining medical education platforms. He also frequently delivers lectures to university business students on the topics of entrepreneurship and achieving success in the first year of employment. Away from the office, Joe’s passion is staying active through exercise, hockey, and golf and spending time with his family—wife Erin and kids Jake and Logan.